My role

  • Concept designer
  • Project management
  • Programmer
  • Puzzle designer
  • Technical artist

As lead developer for KAMI 2 at State of Play Games, I was posed with a unique challenge; fans of the original KAMI were clamouring for more.

Addressing the prevailing demand for more content, an inspired thought crossed my mind – ‘What if KAMI was limitless?’ This led to the significant introduction of user-generated content in KAMI 2, elevating the game’s dynamic and personalising the playing experience.

Our innovative approach not only catered to our players’ desires but also earned industry recognition. KAMI 2 was subsequently honoured with a BAFTA nomination for ‘Best Mobile Game’ – a testament to our team’s dedication to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

You can see more about this game on State of Play’s website and see my blog posts on the topic below.

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