My role

  • Concept designer
  • Sole programmer
  • Puzzle designer
  • Technical artist

At State of Play Games, I was given the opportunity to put forth a game idea I had developed. I initially designed the game concept, testing a number of puzzles to prove that the game would have enjoyable and enduring gameplay.

Luke, co-director at State of Play, worked to integrate my concept with the company’s established graphical style (Paper textures). This cooperation led to the launch of ‘KAMI’ in 2013.

KAMI performed exceptionally well, securing the position of the top iOS puzzle game in 12 countries. Encouraged by this success, we introduced its sequel, ‘KAMI 2‘ in 2017, which was received with even greater enthusiasm.

You can see more about this game on State of Play’s website and see my blog posts on the topic below.

Blog posts about KAMI

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