Why Pinball? – INK’S Gameplay Journey

Scheduled for January 2023

Several of us at State of Play Games loved pinball. The thrill we find embedded in the game’s physicality–the intoxicating rush of nailing the perfect target, or executing a smooth glide around a curve– was a shared passion among us.

However, pinball is not without its quirks and challenges. One aspect we struggled to appreciate was the aesthetics of the game, often seemingly complicated and difficult to dissect. Understanding the specific objectives of a new table often felt frustrating.

This blog post is the tale of our journey. It starts from our time at the London Pinball Championships, runs through a labyrinth of gameplay experiments, and eventually leads us to the game as it stands today.

Each step of this narrative is steeped in our love for pinball, our desire to alter its visual narrative, and our commitment to making it more accessible and enjoyable for players around the world. We flipped the script on pinball, by evolving its complex aesthetics into a more player-friendly experience, while retaining the thrill synonymous with the game.

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