About Me

Hi! I’m Dan Fountain.
I’m a passionate video game enthusiast turned creator. I’ve been working on and publishing games for the last 10 years.

Growing up with a dad who reviewed games, I spent my childhood surrounded by the latest consoles and titles. I swiftly developed a fascination for game creation… The idea that a single person, or even myself, could MAKE a game baffled my ten year old brain. I kickstarted my journey in programming by teaching myself flash and went on to study Interactive Media at Bournemouth University.

I joined State of Play Games in 2011; as a programmer and game designer, their first employee. Amidst this enriching environment, I built a great back-and-forth with Luke, our designer and director, which fostered growth and spurred innovative ideas and novel ways of making games, which contributed to many projects including the BAFTA winning Lumino City and the Apple Design Award winning INKS. As the company grew, I started handling a leadership role on smaller projects, which freed Luke up to pursue his next big narrative project.

During my time at State of Play Games, I was given a huge amount of freedom and support to pursue my own game design ideas. I came to the table with a puzzle game idea which, along with Luke’s eye for visuals, developed into KAMI and KAMI 2. Having a taste of ownership over these projects played a huge part in my desire to continue creating on my own. You can check out my work at State of Play Games here.

My personal contribution to the industry was recognised by BAFTA, indicating a significant milestone in my career as a “BAFTA Breakthrough Brit“. Coinciding with this achievement, I embarked on a solo venture to start my own game studio.

Watch this space!

Today, I continue to craft elegant and satisfying games.

This website hosts information on my work, provides important updates and also features articles on game design, technical deep-dives and retrospectives on all of my previous and upcoming projects.

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I continue to be available for game design and programming freelance work, feel free to reach out to me here.